July Newsletter

We have been happy to serve you and bring Castile Soaps from our 1st retail outlet at Kensington Square.  We have outgrown the place and need a larger place for our showroom and warehouse!  We hope to replicate the retail experience, warm, friendly and lots of more soaps and products for you to just come by, relax, browse and destress.  Visit us before we close and visit us again when we move!

by Vermont Soaps.
The power of 70% alcohol meets REAL essential oils.  Cool and clean like the breath of Arctic air (Ethanol 70%, Peppermint Essential Oil)
Spray on non-coated eyeglasses, kitchen and bathroom counter tops, telephones, keyboards, remote controls, door knobs and handles, fitness equipment and mats, shopping cart handles, car keys, bathroom fixtures and seats and more.  Spray on ALL water safe surfaces and let it evaporate, leaving behind safe surfaces and a fresh, minty fragrance.

The Secret of using Castile Liquid Soap

What's the big deal about castile soap? 

It is versatile all purpose, all natural soap that keeps you and your world clean. Free from animal fats, castile soap is vegan friendly and environmentally ethical. A good quality castile is an all-around nontoxic soap cleaner that is safe for hands and oily skin, laundry, dishes, pets, floors, walls, windows and even killing garden eating insects.

The secret is to use different dilutions for different solutions.  Keep reading to learn how this powerful soap has become a safe and natural detergent chemical replacement. Once you get the hang of using it you will truly be able to “go green”.