Smooth Operator Conditioner Bar

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For all hair types. Softens and smoothens to provide a a silken, weightless feeling, this eco-friendly hair conditioner also moisturises and strengthens the hair. Made from a fully plant-derived high-performance conditioning agent and is 100% natural and sustainable.


Active ingredients:

Babassu seed oil with its light emollient qualities for fast absorption.

Shea butter with its fatty acids and vitamins.

Broccoli and natural plant silicone replacement strengthen and protect hair.

Vitamin F forte nurtures and calms the scalp while protecting hair from breaking.

Carrot tissue oil contains vitamins to protect hair from UV rays and environmental pollution.

Orange peel oil and Lavender essential oil for their calming properties and scent.


Available in a regular 50gm size (50-80 washes). The wet weight of the bar is  51gm  and the final weight may vary slightly.

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