28th July, All About Cleaning (Laundry and Household)

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One liquid soap that rules them all.  Replace your home detergents and chemically derived cleansers with Castile all purpose liquid soaps.  You will reduce allergy reactions, enhance household wellness, promote the environment and of course Save $.  Bring home 38oz all purpose Vermont Liquid Sunshine worth $31.90.

We specialize in promoting the use of Castile Soaps. An excellent product that is readily biodegradeable and sustainable, natural and all purpose soap.

Castile is the English name that is used for olive oil based soaps that originated centuries ago inthe Castile region in Spain. It was introduced to the rest of Europe during the middle ages and in the last century to the rest of the world. The word Castile is now used generically to refer to soaps that use vegetable or plant oils that include, Neem, Argan, Coconut, Palm and other localized oils found in different parts of the world.

Essential oils are often added to infused different scents to the Soaps. These together wtih the efficacies of blending with the oils, enhances the senses, promotes well being and cleans naturally without the use of parabens, sulphates and SLFs.

Natural as it gets!