Bio Active Remedies Flake Waiver 250 ml

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Flake Waiver Shampoo, with Rosalina and Manuka, for dandruff or itchy scalp. Uses soothing and purifying plants to relieve serious scalp itchiness, while effectively eliminating and preventing the appearance of dandruff. 83% Certified Organic 250mL


  • Removes dandruff gently with Soap Nut
  • Encourages scalp renewal with Lavender Oil
  • Promotes healthy hair with Rosemary Oil
  • Prevents bacterial growth with Tea Tree Oil
  • Detoxes scalp tissue with Thyme Oil
  • Regenerates with Neem Leaf
  • Calms the scalp with Brahmi Leaf
  • Cleanses away dead skin cells with Birch Leaf