Biologika Mobile Refills - Our House Call Service to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

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Mobile Refill – Our House Call Service to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

What we do

We bring your soaps to you!  We reduce our carbon footprint by combining and scheduling your orders together with others so that each of you wouldn’t need to travel to get your soap purchased.  We also reuse and recycle our bulk packaging and reduce the need to recycle individual plastic bottles.

What you do

You reuse any plastic bottles for the refills.  This reduces the need to recycle.  You can also request for a reusable bottle from us with your first order and these bottles can be reuse again and again to reduce impact of recycling. 

How to Order

  1. Place your order your order by Wednesday 2359 
  2. We will confirm the mobile refill schedule by Thursday 2359 for the coming Saturday*
  3. We will call you when we arrive at your place or at the nearest carpark to fill your orders.

Go Green Today!

Get your next refill delivered to your home. Biologika Shampoo (500 ml or 1L),  Save time, Save $, Save the environment.  Just $26.90 for 1L of Biologika Shampoo.  Minimum order is $50.  You may combine your order with your Vermont liquid castile order to meet minimum delivery for the mobile refill. Our refill delivery happens every Saturday. 

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