Lavender Soothing Hand and Body Lotion 500 ml

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A soothing organic formula designed to provide sensitive skin with lasting comfort. A wonderful milky lotion made with Calendula, Chamomile, and Frankincense essential oils, and nourishing Shea Nut Butter, Coconut, and Argan carrier oils. This light botanical base is easy for the skin to absorb. It hydrates, soothes, and reduces discomfort, while...


  • Moisturizes with Rose Hydrosol
  • Comforts with Aloe Vera
  • Helps preserve skin’s natural oil balance with Avocado Oil
  • Tones skin with Coconut Water
  • Beautifies skin, and helps delay the signs of aging, with Rose Hip Oil
  • Supports skin’s natural barrier function with Olive Wax
  • Nourishes skin with Shea Nut Butter