64oz is here!

We are sad to announce that Vermont Soaps have stopped producing their Liquid Castile in gallon containers. They have now introduce the 64 oz refillable and reusable bottles, easier to handle and you can now have 2 different scents for the price of 1 gallon! Launch and Introductory offer , buy 2 at 98.90, FREE Delivery, usual price $58.90 each!


We specialize in promoting the use of Castile Soaps. An excellent product that is readily biodegradeable and sustainable, natural and all purpose soap.

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I love that they reach out to the masses through their mobile refill service organised once a month. Thank you for helping to reduce plastic by providing such service!

Isabel Wong

They had a variety of different castile liquid soap and Bar soap for your needs from head to toe. And u can use their castile liquid soap for all types of cleaning in your home.

Lisa Zhang

Thank you for a fuss free refill day! Refilling a gallon of Castile soap on public transport is no joke and I appreciate that my own plastic container is reused.

Kheng Soo

Nice products and friendly staff. Very informative and educational workshop. Cosy shop environmemt . Enjoy spending time there. 👍👍

Edith Yuen

Nice smelling dog shampoo. Takes a wee bit longer to dry the fur coz of a good amount of essential oil in the shampoo. Good lathering due to the saponified coconut oil. Would purchase it definitely.

Grace Lin

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Have a sensory experience! We bring TCSS to your home for a sampling.

Get 3 or more people and we will be most happy to visit and share all we know about Castile Soaps. You can blend your own with your favourite essential oils and make your own unique Castile.

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