Vermont Soap

Pure Castile Soaps
Vermont Castile Liquid Soaps is one of the leading manufacturers of Castile Soap from the USA. All Vermont Castile Soap products are USDA certified organic.

Organic and Natural
Be a part of the solution by replacing yucky petrochemical products with yummy sustainable organic ones. At Vermont Soap we are changing the world one body at a time.
Vermont Soap was created to manufacture and market high quality, unique and natural personal care products of usefulness and value; and to be an example of how corporations can be a tool for positive social change.
We recognise that human beings are now at a critical juncture in relation to our planet, and that viable alternatives must be created to lead us into a sustainable future.

We pledge to conduct our business in an environmentally aware manner emphasising reuse and recycling, the use of natural base ingredients, and the application of appropriate technology.

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