4 Steps Toward Sustainability

Reduce Packaging

At Vermont Soap, we love our Naked Soaps. These bar soaps come without the cardboard wrapper for those who consciously try to avoid packaging materials. Buying products like these whenever possible makes a big difference in saved materials!

Use Multi Purpose Products

Use multi purpose products. 
Products like Castile Soaps are multi purpose.  They are suitable for personal as well as general home cleaning.  Vermont Soap is a concentrate that can be diluted for different cleaning solutions.  Buy in bulk, reduce and reuse packaging. Buy natural and organic

Buy in Bulk to Reduce or Reuse

You can buy in bulk.  It reduces the use of bottles.  The bulk bottle can be reused or refilled over and over again.  You can also take another step to order from our mobile refill so that you can reduce and reuse packaging.  All Vermont bottles are recyclable.

Buy Natural or Organic

Buying natural and organic products reduces the impact on the environment.  This occurs through the production process (Vermont factory runs on hydro power). No harmful chemicals are used in the production of the organic products or have chemicals washed into our drainage system. It also generally uses less water to wash away the residue as it does not contain thickeners or petroleum derived substances.