All Natural, No Nasties Honey Mask

If you are like me, conscious about what goes into your skincare products. You are on the right page. Store-bought facial cleansers usually have long list of ingredients. Mostly contain with artificial fragrances, colorings, foaming agent, preservations, stabilizers and etc. These things can have negative effect to our skin and the environment. So, I am ready to explore and make my own facial cleanser. A little research on the internet, I found out that honey, which is readily in my pantry, to be a supreme ingredient for making facial wash. Lets get crafty, my friends!

What we need for this incredibly easy to make recipe
1. Raw honey 30 grams
2. Distilled water/ Boiled water 30 grams
4. 6-8 drops Essential oil (Lavender is my favourite)
5. 2.5ml Almond oil/ Vegetable Glycerin
6. 100ml bottle with a pump
For sure to only use raw honey in the recipe. Unpasteurized honey has natural enzymes, rich minerals, antioxidants and antibacterial properties to benefit the skin. Heat treated pasteurized honey might lose the goodness along the way.
Why use honey to wash your face?
• It is a gentle exfoliant for sensitive skin.
• Helps to speed up the process of skin renewal
• Promote skin healing
• Soothes redness and inflammation
• Regulates skin pH. Maintaining healthy skin
• Antibactierial. Anti Acne
• Natural humectant draw moisture to the skin to keep it soft and hydrated.
Combine all the ingredients into the bottle and mix well . Voila! Ready to use. As recipe is made with all natural ingredients, it is only good for 1-2 weeks.
You can also use Vermont Honey Love Mask for this recipe. Then all you need is just Unscented Liquid Castile Soap and almond oil (optional). Honey Love Mask contains Organic Honey, Organic Lavender essential and Organic Vegetable Glycerin. It smells so lovely and yummy at the same time makes me want to lick it!
*It has been a week of using this gorgeous homemade Honey facial cleanser. Still loving it! It is conditioning, my skin feels comfortable after each use. I rate my DIY no nasties facial cleanser a 5 star!