Simple And Easy Steps For Healthier Hair And Scalp

We all love to have a healthy scalp with a head of thick and strong hair. It makes us feel happy and confident.

Unfortunately for some of us, our scalp and hair go through changing seasons of the ‘Fall’ and ‘Flakes’. Hair loss and dandruff issues are some common concerns that we should not overlook. In this article, I am sharing a scalp and hair tonic recipe for your hair (and tender loving care massage) to blossom again.

Strong rooted hair needs a clean and well hydrated scalp. So it is important to take proper care of it by having a nourishing and revitalizing regime. Simply go natural, using simple essential oils for this tonic that will keep you happy throughout the year and in all seasons.

What you’ll need:

Blend well all ingredients by giving it a gentle shake.  

*Massage your scalp once a week with this blend. Do it on the day you plan to shampoo your hair. Prefer to apply oil on dry scalp.

How to use ( Scalp massage duration 1- 2 minutes)

  1. Pour about 5ml of oil onto a small dish.
  2. Dip your fingers tips into the oil.
  3. Massage the scalp in circular motion. (This will stimulate your hair follicles and promote blood circulation, giving you strong hair roots. Doing so also can ease the tension on the scalp).
  4. Run your fingers from the frontal hairline to the occipital a few times. To ensure that all area of the scalp and hair follicles get the goodness of the oils.
  5. Rub oil on hair ends. (Nourished and hydrated hair are less brittle.)
  6. Bun up your hair if you have long hair (should not be dripping wet)
  7. Leave treatment oil on for 1 to 2 hours or longer.

Now relax, drop your shoulders and close your eyes. Breathe and in and out. It’s aromatherapy after all.

Finally, shampoo and condition your hair with PPC herbs Wild Shampoo and Conditioner. Made with plant based and organic ingredients. Free from animal products, artificial colors, perfumes, paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. Choose the shampoo and conditioner according to your scalp/hair type.

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